Goethe Zentrum a German Cultural Centre, Hyderabad had planned 13 events for the month of April 2016. A program in connection with World Health Day Celebrations was arranged in association with CONCERT Chennai. Food being instrumental for the health of all, the topic food safety was assigned to CONCERT. Our Director Mr.G.Santhanarajan attended this programme. We decided to enlighten the participants on general food safety issues along with a presentation on the outcome of our CT Project on food items like atta, ready mix food and ketchup. A small group of consumers who regularly attend their events along with a few media representatives were present.

1. The discussion started with how advertisements mislead the consumers?

2. How the labelling regulations are violated by manufacturers?

3. How Indian labelling rules are deficient with respect other developed countries. (Eg) why classification of vital ingredients on the basis of their presence in food like –low, medium, high are not insisted in our labels?

4. How to identify the high sugar and high salt foods in a restaurant / hotel?

5. The significance and understanding the need of label rules thoroughly by all consumers.

After a brief introduction on the above points all the three results of CT of Atta, Ready Mix Food, and Ketchup were presented.

During the presentation and at the end of the program the enlightened participants raised several questions

1. Why not government ban the chemical bleaching methods of maida that causes harmful by product alloxan?

2. Should government to insist that bakeries should display the amount of TFA present in their products.

3. What would happen if the acidity level increases when there is no upper limit?

4. Which vinegar is safe – fruit vinegar or synthetic vinegar?

5. What action CONCERT would take on quality failure of samples?

6. Vegans are not consuming milk? Will it affect their health?

7. What is the difference between ketchup and sauce?

8. How to differentiate the above two?

9. One firm (Heinz) is able to produce ketchup without chemical preservative.

10. Why not other companies be insisted upon to follow such method in the interest of health and safety?

11. Many consumers came to know only after this meeting that ready mix foods are loaded with chemicals.

12. How to identify a claim which is within legal ambits or exaggerated?

13. Is milk is safe or curd is safe to consume


1. The discussion started at 6.00 pm and went up to 8.45 pm when several participants wanted to get their doubts cleared personally as they were hesitant to ask openly.

2. Several of them wanted to contact CONCERT over phone, email to get more inputs

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