National Level Workshop:

The Tamil Nadu Ambedkar Law University, Chennai in association with Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India organized a day long national workshop on March 15th, 2016 on the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day on the theme, Antibiotics Off the Menu: Issues and Challenges.

Ms. Swathy Satyamurti, Director Projects, CAI made a presentation in the first technical session on the topic, Consumer Organizations and Policy Making. She spoke about what is antibiotic resistance, why it is a public health concern globally and what consumer organizations are calling for? The aim of WCRD 2016 is to pressure KFC, McDonalds and Subway to procure meat that is not routinely fed antibiotics to promote growth. She went on to elaborate the current regulatory landscape in India, activities taken by consumer organizations at the national level including awareness creation and lobbying with government and regulatory authorities.

Mr.Santhana Rajan, Director, CONCERT Trust made a presentation in the post lunch technical session on the topic, Safety aspects of Non- Vegetarian food – Awareness among consumers.

A power point was presented on the title Safety aspects of Non Vegetarian foods – Awareness among consumers. The following points were explained to the participants who were mostly law students.

1. What is Blue & Pink revolution?

2. Difference between Veg and Non veg. foods

3. Hygiene and Sanitary practices to be observed by FBO’s

4. The types of stunning of animals

5. Standards of Meat and Meat Products

6. Conditions for retail Meat Shops

7. What is Antibiotic Residue (ABR)?

8. Protection against ABR

9. Stakeholders to combat ABR

Participants were eager to know the procedure to identify safe foods and cosmetics

On 2nd March 2016 CAI has written a letter to

• Ms. Smita Jatia Chief Operating Officer,, McDonald’s India [West & South], Mumbai – 400013

• Mr.Niren Chaudhary, Managing Director, Yum! Restaurants (India)Pvt Ltd., Haryana 122002

• Mr. Manpreet Gulri, VICE-PRESIDENT, NRAI, Development Agent & Country Head, Subway Restaurant Delhi – 110020


CAI joined CI’s thunderclap campaign via facebook and twitter.

Write up about antibiotics was shared in Nugarvor Kavasam, the vernacular language magazine published by CAI for the Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, Govt of Tamil Nadu. 9500 copies were published.

Photo campaign
CAI took pictures in front of McDonalds and Subway with Antibiotics Off the Menu card.

A report by Mr.M.R.Krishnan on World Consumer Rights Day and no antibiotics was published by Adyar times on 20th March 2016.

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