The WHO has recommended that all countries should start taxing sugary drinks which have become an overwhelming addiction for many people.

As per WHO, if the consumption is to be reduced, apart from awareness programmes, the Governments should try to tax the products up to 20% to act as a deterrent. The report titled “Fiscal policies for diet and prevention of Non communicable diseases” explains that reduced consumption will result in lower intake of “free sugars” and “ over all calories”. This will indirectly mean that fewer people will suffer from obesity, diabetes and tooth decay in future.

The Director of WHO’s department of nutrition says that nutritionally, people do not require any sugar in their diet.

With over 60 million diabetics, India is sitting on a mountain of sugar.

If these tax proposals are implemented, it will have a positive effect in reducing consumption of tobacco products.
Such legal and administration options have borne results in countries like Mexico. The “Global Action for prevention and control of NCD’s wants strict implementation of the tax proposal. Will India follow suit?

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