New Delhi, June 2016: The sippy cup you have bought for your toddler may seem immensely cute, and it might have made mealtimes a lot easier, but beware – it could contain Bisphenol-A, a chemical which is a known endocrine disrupter.

An investigative study on the chemical in sippy cups in India by Toxic Links has found that Bisphenol-A or BPA is not regulated in India, and therefore, it poses a serious danger to the health of little ones.
BP disrupts the functioning of hormones in babies, and adversely affects behavioural and emotional facets, besides contributing to early puberty of girls, while it causes depression and anxiety in boys. In the long run, it could lead to heart diseases, liver toxicity and diabetes. BPA is also linked to development of early puberty in the girl child.

The organization studied randomly collected samples of both well-known and local brands, and tested them at the Shriram Institute for Industrial Research (SIIR), Delhi. Of the 13 samples studied, 10 had BPA.

Even more worrying, five of the six products labelled ‘BPA-free’ and sold at prices higher than the rest, were found to contain the harmful chemical, according to Piyush Mohapatra, Senior Programme Coordinator, Toxics Link.

Consumers have no means to verify and ensure what they are buying from the market is safe for their children.


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