Mr.M.R.Krishnan, our Deputy Director, participated in a webinar hosted by “Economic tunes on” “defeating cancer through Clinical trials” on 24.05.2016 between 3pm & 4pm. The speaker was Dr. Raunatha rao of Homi Bhaba cancer hospital, Vizag.

He, at the outset, explained concepts like, “investigators”, “managers” and “sponsors”. As regards participants he listed out benefits and disadvantages. The benefits being free treatment special care by experts and the disadvantages are, failure of the treatment causing problems and even death.

He compared the trials with regular treatments, as per which the progression of diseases was less in trials, better outcome, patients feeling of faring well.

Of course the retention late was not comfortable.

The doctor also said that if the patients tell about their experience, others also will benefit.

Rigorous protocols, retention of key staff and participants awareness of evaluation, close monitoring of trials were explained in detail.

Lack of availability of patients was an important reason for successful trials.
Therefore he emphasized that lack of volunteers and not treatment failure was the main reason.

On the benefits of Clinical trials, he enumerated that

1. Clinical trials are the answers to various cancers

2. Each trial adds to a valuable information.

3. New indications, efficacy of medicines safety of patients were the objectives.
He was sorry that awareness of public, propaganda by media, affected the progress of trials.

He wanted that the legislature and judiciary should extend a helping hand.

He also narrated how the patients are compensated for adverse effects. He cited the example of treating “pancreas cancer” patients where there was certainly an extension of life, if not complete cure. Transplantation of lever was also explained.

The seminar highlighted several facts unknown to lay consumer

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