The CONCERT Trust, a centre for Consumer Education Research, teaching and testing, during its on going survey of hygiene in Chennai city’s water distribution, tested the quality of water supplied through Sintex tanks and taps.

Out of 40 samples collected and tested for hydrogen sulphide producing coliform group of bacteria, 3 samples were found to be positive. This means that the water quality at these places was not upto the standard hygiene level. While 3 out of 40 may appear as only 8% of the sample, as far as safe potable water is concerned, there can only be one standard i.e. 100% conformance to quality parameters!! And, hence, at CONCERT, we are extremely concerned!!

Furthermore, in as many as 11 places out of 20, the lid of the tank was either not available or in damaged / broken condition. This exposes the Water to risk of contamination again, something that is extremely worrying for the common man!!

The surroundings in as many as 31 out of 40 places (nearly 80%) were not hygienic with cracked floors and stagnating dirty water.

We have reported the matter to the CMD Metro water for taking further action.


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