M.Somasundaram, Liaison Officer attended the Quarterly VCOs meeting convened by TANGEDCO Chennai South on 28.6.16 representing CAI and Concert trust

Consumer Related Grievances were taken up with the CE, TANGEDCO Chennai South . All the SEs, EEs,ADEs, PROs and 7 VCOs attended the meeting.

TANGEDCO has agreed to sort out the following demands of CAI.

1. Printing of ACCD Details in Tamil in the Receipt

2. Upgrading the capacity of the Transformers to avoid frequent power load shedding

3. Accepted to replace the tangling wires with underground cables.

4. Assured to communicate the revised tariff announced by the Hon’ble CM

5. Assured to avoid unannounced power cut

6. Open junction boxes have been replaced in most of the places and if any specific item, it was accepted to rectify

7. Agreed to increase the height of the junction boxes left over before the onset of monsoon

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