The South Delhi District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has directed a city hospital to pay compensation to a patient in whom a pacemaker was unnecessarily implanted.

Describing the action as “against all medical ethics”, the Forum Bench asked Saroj Hospital and Heart Institute to pay Ravinder Singh, member of the Delhi Police Force, a compensation of Rs. 2 lakhs, as well as reimburse the cost of the pacemaker.

Pawar, who was then Public Relations Officer at the Delhi Police Headquarters, had suffered two heart attacks previously. When he complained of chest pain again, he was rushed to the Saroj Hospital.
There, an operation was performed and a pacemaker implanted. He was billed Rs. 5,24,135 for the procedure.

However, when Pawar submitted the bills for reimbursement under the Central Government Health Scheme, a standing committee of experts did not feel that his condition had warranted the implanting of a pacemaker, and his claim was rejected.

Pawar then approached the Forum saying that the hospital had implanted the pace-maker by creating panic, which amounted to unfair trade practice, cheating and deficiency of service.

Though the hospital denied all the allegations, the Forum ruled in Pawar’s favour.


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