Star Health Insurance and Max Life have each come out with a disease-specific health insurance cover – which many will find interesting. Star Health’s new product is a cardiac care policy and Max Life’s a cancer cover.

The cardiac care cover includes those who have already undergone treatment for the disease under its umbrella, while the cancer policy covers all stages of the disease besides offering a sum as assured income.

The Star Health policy includes cardiac procedures such as Atrial and Ventricular Septal Defects, and out-patient expenses subject to monetary and event limits will be reimbursed. The plan has two variants – Gold and Silver.

Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan offers a guaranteed income benefit of up to 50 per cent of sum assured. Besides, all future premiums will be waived till the end of policy term if the insured is diagnosed with carcinoma in-situ (CiS) or early stage cancer.


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