A training was arranged at the BIS office at Taramani on 16th December 2016, in which, Mr.M.R.Krishnan, our Deputy Director, participated. There were only 5 participants. The following were the highlights.

1. Importance of standards were explained

2. Evolution of standards were explained

3. Consumers were asked to be sensitive to notifications

4. 220 brands in Tamilnadu alone have BIS marks

5. Mandatory standards were explained

6. Details of Hallmarking/ assaying centres were conveyed.

7. An overview of BIS activities was given

8. Product/ system certification were detailed

9. Difference between ISI and ISO was explained.

10. Education utilisation program was detailed

11. Benefits of standardisation were told

Mr. Ajay Khanna and Mr. S. Krishnakumar handled the programme

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