Every morning, you could be ingesting at least some amount of triclosan – an endocrine disrupting chemical which could cause several diseases, ranging from depression to cancer. It is an ingredient in most types of something everyone uses every day – toothpaste.

A study by Toxics Link, an NGO, found that as much as 72.8 per cent of the samples of toothpaste it studied in Delhi contained Triclosan, which is being phased out in many countries.

Toxics Link studies randomly collected samples of soap and toothpaste, and found that four brands of toothpaste and one of soap contained more than the prescribed quantity of 3,000 ppm of triclosan.

“It is a disturbing trend that we are finding triclosan in such high concentration in toothpaste that is used every day,” said Piyush Mohapatra, senior programme coordinator at Toxics Link. “It is even present in toothpaste meant only for children. The long term health effects of the chemical are worrying.”

A large part of this chemical ends up in the drains and pollutes the environment. It is present in significantly high concentration even in treated sewage, used as fertilizers, and therefore enters the food chain as well.

“Triclosan discharged through waste water into our water streams will adversely impact water quality and so has a direct bearing on the health of people as well as animals and ecosystems at large,” said Satish Sinha, associate director at Toxics Link.

Source: http://health.economictimes.com

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