Note :

1. Verify credit card statements. regularly. Retain all the transactional slips till the statement is received and verified.

2. Sign on the back side of your credit / debit card.

3. Memorize 3 digit CVV Number written on the back side of the credit card. It is a confidential number that is required to be entered into for online transaction. Erase/ hide it after you remember CVV Number.

4. Activate mobile alert service on your credit / debit card.

5. Update card issuers with all your latest mobile / telephone number, email ids, residential address.

6. Take acknowledgement from card issuer in case you wish to cancel the card.

7. Never provide photo copy of both side of card to anyone including bank staff.

8. When withdrawing from ATM, ensure that no other person is nearby even if he is a security guard or a bank employee

9. In case the card is lost/misplaced, immediately intimate the same to card issuers for deactivating and take reference number of your request.

10. Do not take help from anyone during cash withdrawal from ATM.

11. Never share the details of credit card on phone, email.

12. Do not retain too many cards in your wallets.

13. Note down all details of the credit card such as its number, date of expiry, customer care number.

14. Do not provide any details of cards to any website for registration despite declaring that they will not use such data.

15. Register and use security features such as one time password, mobile alerts etc. for any online transactions as provided by Banks.

16. Change your password/PIN at regular intervals.

By State Consumer Helpline, New Delhi

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