The recent death of a medical student due to complications arising from a hair transplant procedure has opened the eyes of the authorities as well as those availing of such services, to the lack of regulation and adherence to basic safety standards at beauty parlours.

The mushrooming of the beauty industry has led to sophisticated cosmetic procedures, including hair transplant and liposuction, being offered by run-of-the-mill salons. The procedures are often carried out by people who are either unqualified or under-qualified.

According to the State Medical Council, it is unethical for doctors to do invasive procedures at non-medical centres. Doctors say cosmetic procedures could lead to the client having an adverse drug reaction, and a hospital crash cart must at all times be available, so that the patient can be normalized and stabilized immediately. This cannot be done in a non-medical environment.

A senior health official said beauty parlours were often given licenses to perform invasive procedures without due diligence about availability of facilities, and said the law will henceforth be stringently enforced.


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