Have you ever been trapped by the fine print – those tiny letters tucked away at the bottom of an advertisement or words run together at top speed at the end of a radio commercial? If so, you’re not alone. Most of us have had similar experiences, because human nature is to ignore or tune out of irritating details that are not given due prominence.

However, those who have ignored these details to their cost can take heart from some facts: First, there are rules which say that fine print cannot contradict other statements in an ad, or correct false impressions that the rest of the ad may have created.

Second, all important and relevant disclosures should be prominently displayed, not buried in fine print – it should be bold enough for people to take note of, presented in clear, unambiguous language, and placed near the claims it is supposed to supplement or clarify.

However, these rules are being consistently broken by advertisers.

Several advertisements make claims prominently about huge discounts, easy loans, etc. Only closer looks will reveal that ‘conditions apply’, and these conditions surely will not be favourable to the buyer – the loans may come with stupendous interest rates, for example, and the ‘flat’ qualify the discount may not be what it implies – it could refer to a very small section of possibly damaged or outdated products.

So do ask for all details, take the trouble to clarify all positions, before you make a payment.

Source: http://www.moneylife.in

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