Itanagar, July 2016: Laboratory tests have revealed that 33 drugs available at Government hospitals in Arunachal Pradesh do not measure up to standards in various ways.

Samples were collected from Government-run medical stores and hospitals during 2014-15 and 2015-16. Of these, 33 were found to be sub-standard, spurious, adulterated or misbranded, Assistant Drug Controller Gebomb Tayeng said.
Samples were also collected from wholesale and retail outlets during the period.

Results of tests on some of the samples are awaited.

Already, six cases have been filed against errant companies, and action will be taken against others too, Tayeng said.

The Assistant Drug Controller said a perusal of the paperwork during checks conducted by Drug Inspectors showed that most Government drug procurement agencies were lax about following norms and guidelines. Batch numbers, expiry dates, even names of manufacturers are not entered in the bills. Tayeng called for a proper mechanism for procurement of medicines to ensure safety and quality of drugs.


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