TRAI who is the regulator for telecom services, is regularly monitoring the performance of telecom service providers (TSP) against benchmarks of various quality of service (QoS) parameters. The TSPS are sending performance monitoring reports to TRAI which is published in their website. The following are monitored.

1. Network availability
2. Connection establishment
3. Connection maintenance and
4. Points of inter connection

The maintenance of the call connected (Sl.3) is monitored through

1. Call drop rate,
2. Worst affected cells having more than traffic channel drops
3. Good voice quality.

TRAI undertook audit and assessment of QoS through independent agencies. Various complaints were received on CDRs (Call Drop Rates). An independent drive test during different periods from June to Sep 2015 was done. A detailed analysis was done to get at the reasons for call drops and consequent customer dissatisfaction. It was found that the benchmark rate of less than 2% of CDR was not reached by many TSPS.
Insufficient signal strength is one of the prominent causes of dropped calls. Other factors like sudden failure of signal and insufficient signal also play a role.

TRAI mandated telcos in Oct to pay subscribers Rs.1/- for every call that was not completed subject to a cap of 3 a day. As per this order the telcos must credit the amount and inform the subscribers about this credit within 4 hours of a call drop.

The telcos in retaliation did not accept the suggestion as the industry stood to lose 3.5% of their 2.3 crore rupee revenue. They indicated that TRAI has no jurisdiction and there is no violation of licence conditions. After protest by various telcos, the matter went to the scrutiny of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court had stated that since the mode of fixation of penalty amount has not been properly explained and the basis not put forth, they are quashing the orders as arbitrary.

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