TANGEDCO, Chennai North Region convened Quarterly VCOs Consumers Grievance Redressal Meeting on 25.6.16. Mr P. Manohar, BE,Chief Engineer convened the meeting and all the SEs,EEs, ADEs and PROs of TANGEDCO attended the meeting

M.Somasundaram, Liaison Officer attended and put forth grievances on behalf of CAI and Concert Trust.

Following grievances were discussed :

1. Tangedco assured to replace / rectify the dangling wires with underground cables immediately and requested to inform specific cases to their SEs, EEs to rectify.

2. Regarding unannounced power cut, it was explained by the officials that due to usage of AC in the houses, frequent power cut happened and the CE advised to inform the details to TANGEDCO to increase the capacity of Transformers to 250KV or 500 KV to avoid load shedding .

3. CE accepted and assured to replace open junction boxes before rainy season. So far 1428 Junction boxes were replaced by them

4. TANGEDCO issued instructions to officials to increase the height of the Junction Boxes so that rain water does’t enter and cause damages .

5. New Tariff has been implemented wef 23.6.16 and the proportionate free units will be adjusted in the payment and in the next circle of assessment,the consumers will be getting the Free 100 units fully.

6. For new connection, henceforth online application is enough and there will not be any problem to the consumers to get the connections.

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