Mr. M.R.Krishnan, our Deputy Director articipated in a talk show arranged by Sun TV.

Titled as “NIJANGAL” the host was Ms. Kushboo and there were 2 parties who presented their plea.

One was from Salem – Mrs. Kalaiselvi, was operated for child birth(caesarean) in 2014. When excess bleeding was noticed after the surgery, the government hospital at ATHOOR suggested removal of uterus. Her problems did not stop even after the removal of uterus. She found through a scan, the presence of a foreign body and when she went back to Athoor, she was refused treatment. When she knocked at the doors of GH at Salem, an emergency surgery was done and the foreign body was removed.

She was discharged without a discharge summary without noting the removal of the foreign body.

The second case was from Kanchipuram. The complainant’s mother (aged 58 years) was suffering from fever which was caused by spondylosis .

She was suggested surgery in L 4 and L5 disks by a private hospital. But has woes did not subside even after surgery.

When the patient was taken to GH, it was diagnosed that the wound did not heal properly. She ultimately died after a few days. The family wanted to fix the responsibility on the Private hospital.

As a consumer organisation, we told them about medical negligence, history of Medical Negligence cases in India, rights conferred on patients to get case history and discharge summary etc.

Both patients were advised to get information on the result of surgery from the two government hospitals under RTI Act 2006.

It was also suggested that in the case of 2nd party, they can represent to medical council before moving the CDRF. In the case of the 1st party, they were advised to get the result of enquiry constituted for this purpose and then proceed further.

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