The sugar that’s mentioned on the label of the food products you buy may not be all that’s sweet in it.

Manufacturers have become adept at separating the different forms of sugar and labeling them individually by specific names, so that consumers will be gulled into thinking that they are choosing a product which contains very little actual ‘sugar’.

To curb this practice, the FDA will soon make it mandatory to list how many grams of sugar under various names have gone into a food item or beverage, and also, what percentage of the daily recommended intake that quantity represents per serving.

The new nutrition facts label format will come into effect from July 2018.

Meanwhile, look for terms like syrup, malt, caramel, honey, agave nectar, fructose, lactose, sucrose maltose and dextrose, apart from glucose of course, and try to calculate how much sugar you are actually going to ingest from your chosen food product.


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