The Bombay Drug House has been found to be purchasing medicines made in Gujarat, repackaging them to make it seem as if the medications were made in-house, and exporting them – in flagrant violation of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

Acting on a tip-off, the Food and Drug Administration raided the company, and found that it had exported 8 million paracetemol tablets made in Gujarat to West Indies, claiming to have made them itself. It was in the process of receiving a further huge consignment for export to Zambia when the raid took place.

The tablets were being sold under the brand name Metamol, which Bombay Drug House holds. They were being made by Sysmed Laboratories, Gujarat.

The medicines may not have been tested as per regulations, and so present a potential health hazard, Assistant FDA Commissioner (Vigilance) Madhuri Pawar said.

The Bombay Drug House holds a WHO-GMP certificate that assures quality. It does not have a loan license, which allows it to outsource part of the production when it lacks certain facilities or expertise.

The FDA suspects that many companies could be involved in similar arrangements.


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