Prime Minister’s call to chartered Accountants

Prime Minister described Chartered Accountants as doctors for the economic health and well-being of society. He also compared them to the saints and sages of the economic world. He said India’s Chartered Accountants are known
the world over for their excellent financial skills.

The Prime Minister called upon Chartered Accountants to introspect and weed out corrupt practices and persons from their fraternity. Giving statistics about income declarations by the people during filing of returns, the Prime Minister urged Chartered Accountants to keep national interest supreme, while advising their clients. He reminded the gathering of the large number of professionals, including lawyers, who had played a key role in the freedom struggle, and urged the Chartered Accountants to follow in their footsteps, and advise their clients to follow the path of honesty, as the country ushers in a new era of economic integration, with the Goods and Services Tax.

Quoting Chanakya, the Prime Minister urged Chartered Accountants to not let this opportunity slip, and invited them to join the mainstream of nation-building.

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