A customer who was dissatisfied with the Samsung refrigerator he had purchased has been awarded a refund of the money he had paid for the product, as well as costs.

The District Consumer Forum in Pune ordered Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd and its dealer, Huns Digital Home Pvt Ltd to refund the Rs 42,223 that Manoj Manwani had paid for the refrigerator, which turned out to be defective.

The product actually cost Rs. 54,000, but Manoj had to pay only Rs. 46,500 as he bought it under an exchange scheme. “Within two months of the purchase, I noticed certain defects in the unit,” he said, adding, despite repeated complaints to the dealer as well as the manufacturer, the problems could not be rectified.

A pre-complaint notice that Manwani served on the dealer failed to yield results. He then approached the Forum, and even the notices sent by the Forum went unacknowledged.

Manwani supported his case with all documents, including the service request history maintained by the manufacturer, the customer service record card and acknowledgement of service request.

The Forum proceeded with the case ex-parte and observed that “Considering the pleadings on record, evidence given by the complainant in the light of documents placed on record, this forum is of the opinion that the opposite parties have sold a refrigerator with inherent manufacturing defect to the complainant. Thus, there is deficiency in service on the part of both the opposite parties.”

Samsung and the dealer have been directed to pay Rs 5,000 as litigation cost to the complainant.

Source: http://www.punemirror.in

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