Consumer awareness is the first step to better and safer lives. We all know that the first Consumer Right is the ‘THE RIGHT TO SAFETY’. We need to fully understand this right and demand safer products.

Before buying any car, we must look beyond its mileage and style and comfort and space. It is only when the consumer demands better product, the market forces the producer to make better product.

Car owners should always ensure good maintenance levels of their vehicles. Regular emission checks and tyre pressure checks are necessary. Similarly, we should ourselves buy safety and prevention tools like fire extinguisher spray. Car fires are deadly and are majorly caused due to fuel system leaks, transmission, fluids, battery heating etc. To prevent such instance is, regular checks are essential.

Consumers should also be aware of the global developments in any industry and demand better safety features. We cannot let companies be under the assumption that Indian Consumers don’t value their safety and hence don’t care for safer cars.

The domestic used car market is growing at 15 percent and is expected to double in the next four years. The used car market stands at around 3 million today according to Consumers should make informed and aware decisions and should consider emission norms and tyre pressures and other safety features while buying used cars.

Consumers have to defy the notion that airbags, ABS and other safety equipments are a luxury component as it is always the highest variant of an automobile model that has these features in India.

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