A program was organized as part of consumer club activity in SDNB. There were about 150 girl students. In MOP it was a program for their 2nd year nutrition group students.

In both programs a PPT on food safety was presented and the following queries were raised by them.

1. Is it advisable to consume Horlicks?

2. Are soft drinks are harmful?

3. What is the advantage in Horlicks?

4. If noodles are dangerous why is the Govt permitting such products for sale?

5. Why plastics bags should be banned?

6. How to identify adulteration in oils?

7. What is mineral water?

In MOP the topic for discussion was around FSS Act 2006

1. How and when was the food regulation started?

2. Is it necessary to get licence for selling homemade food?

3. How is action initiated on Violators?

4. How are the food standards fixed?

5. How does food damage human health?

6. How to identify naturally ripened fruits?

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