The State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has indicted the Bank of India for deficiency in service in relation to the case of a client not being given his original documents even after he had repaid the loan taken on the basis of those papers.

The Commission heard Mustafa Nadiadwala, who said he had availed of a bank loan mortgaging the original documents of a property he owned. After he had repaid the loan in full, he approached the bank to return the documents, but the bank failed to do so.

Nadiadwala then sent a legal notice, but that was ignored.

He then filed a complaint with the Commission.

The Commission sought a reply from the Bank, but it failed to respond.

After studying all the evidence, the Commission concluded that “As there is no challenge to the complaint …we have to accept the contentions of the complainant that the opponent has not returned the original title deeds even after repayment of entire loan amount; hence, it is crystal clear that there is deficiency in service on the part of the opponent. …The complainant is entitled to those original documents. Complainant is also entitled to some amount on account of mental agony suffered as he was deprived of the documents…”

The Bank has been directed to pay Nadiadwala a compensation of Rs 9 lakh for the mental agony he was made to suffer, and an additional Rs10,000 towards litigation costs.


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