Quarterly meeting with Voluntary consumers organisations was convened by Metropolitan Transport Corporation Limited on 19.02.16 at Pallavan House.General Managers, Depot Managers, PRO, Dy Managers of MTC and 12 VCOs attended the meeting

Mr.M.Somasundaram, Liaison Officer represented on behalf of Consumers Association of India and CONCERT Trust, Following points were raised by CAI and it was agreed by MTC

1. Restoration of certain Bus routes , which were terminated recently.

2. Extension of Bus route to benefit Patients, Students etc.

3. CAI thanked MTC/ Govt in announcing Bus Passes to Senior Citizens and Free Buses during Flood .

4. Expedite action to avoid Foot Board Travel.

5. Providing Bus Shelters at the Bus stops which were relocated for Metro rail services.

6. Mini Buses in more areas.

7. Providing Side Boards in all the Buses.

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