Participated in the quarterly meeting on transport problems in Tamilandu, convened by CCS and Consumer protection. Officials from MTC, TNSTC Villupuram, Madurai, Salem, Trichy and Nagapattinam, besides an officer from the Chairman’s office of STCs attended the meeting. An official from Transport Commissioner’s Office also attended. About 35 VCO’s from all over the State, attended.

The points put forth by CAI were

1. Poor condition of bus stands

2. Posting, advertisements, in buses on magical cure, banned by Magic remedies Act

3. Poor condition of all buses including AC buses

4. Collecting additional rate for special buses.

5. Stopping at wayside eateries on Highways against the instructions

6. Extending “Free pass” scheme in all cities

Gist of points discussed.

1. Action will be taken to improve conditions of bus stands in Chennai by MTC. At all other places it is the look out of local bodies.

2. In the matter of advertisements inside buses, it was agreed that the STCs should get the permission of concerned RTO’s before exhibiting them.

3. AC buses have been withdrawn in places other than Chennai.

4. The RTO official informed that STCs cannot charge special rates for “Express” and “Special” buses without permission from RTO

5. Stopping at motels was discussed in detail and he STCs agreed to have frequent checks. CCS intervened to say that funds will be provided to sensitise all concerned in this matter and a cell consisting of DSO, RTO and VCO will monitor this. Extension of free ticket scheme is to be decided by Government.

6. There will be no advertisements in the sideways.

7. Route details will be painted in sideways also.

8. All corporations will have quarterly meetings without fail

9. Leakages in Buses will be attended

10. Complaint boxes will be provided in each bus stand.

11. All staff will be forced to wear name badges

12. Rs 3/- Tickets will be issued in all corporations.

13. Doors in deluxe buses will be repaired.

14. The role of time keeper will be emphasized.

15. Ticket checking will be done only in running buses.

16. More buses to enable Senior citizens will be put in service

17. For complaints in MTC : 9445030516/9383337639/044-23455858

18. Point to point buses will be rescheduled.

19. Conductors will be directed to admit passengers even for short distances

20. Only buses with increased facility will be run as expresses.

21. Staff will be trained on how to behave with consumers

22. Steps will be taken to publish timetables in the websites of all STCs.

23. The local bodies will be instructed to note route number of buses in all the bus stops.

24. Adequate spare parts will be bought and distributed

25. All complaints against staff will be attended to.

26. First Aid boxes will be provided in all buses

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