The Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute has come out with a portable equipment that will pick up common adulterants in milk in just 45 seconds, without the necessity of technicians to interpret the data.

The device scans milk samples for the presence of adulterants like urea, soap, detergents, soda and salt. It costs around Rs. 1 lakh per unit, and the scanning will cost only one rupee per sample. At present, the commercial instruments that are used to test milk cost around Rs. 4.5 lakhs and skilled technicians are needed to use the equipment.

It can be used to screen milk at procurement / collection points. Already, some 40 scanners are being used in Gujarat, Goa, Punjab and Rajasthan.The equipment has been developed in response to a challenge set by Niti Aayog to develop a way of detecting adulteration in milk within three minutes at a cost of less than Rs 4 per sample.A Food Safety and Standards Authority of India survey in 2011-12 had found that 1,225 (65 per cent) of 1,890 samples of milk from across the country were contaminated.


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