After worms, it’s now pins that are troubling the recently-opened Wendy’s outlet at Gurgaon.

A customer who ordered two burgers at the outlet of one of the world’s largest burger chains said he discovered a pin in his mouth after he bit into one of them. “By the time I realized it, it had broken in two,” the man said.

Wendy’s said the issue was brought to their notice and was resolved. In answer to a questionnaire sent to the officials at the outlet by a leading newspaper, a spokesperson said “This was brought to our attention some time ago and was fully resolved at that time”.

“The Wendy’s management was very nice and they assured me that such an incident would never happen again. They were in touch with me even after the incident,” the customer confirmed.

However, the outlet was silent on questions whether the back-end operations had been overhauled, and on its sourcing procedures in India.

In India, food safety issues and consequent legal follow-ups are only beginning to impinge on public consciousness, while in countries like the US, quick service restaurants have had to pay out huge sums as compensation to customers who have reported lapses in the field.


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