Later this month, TRAI will be holding a seminar to examine concerns over unsolicited online advertisements.
The seminar will help the regulator to decide whether such advertisements need to be regulated. These advertisements which are downloaded, without consumers knowledge lead to data consumption. The question asked is whether they can be bound by rules and regulations. While TRAI is not checking the content, it is worried about the non transparent way in which it is happening, costing the consumer as much as 20 to 30 paisa per MB.

The seminar will identify issues and decide whether they, can fix a limit for the advertisements or time limit, beyond which the consumers permission should be obtained. These issues are now “hidden” and consumers should be made to know the options available.

This seminar will throw open for discussion the following:-

1. What can consumers do to stop the advertisements

2. How can consumers know how much data is used for such advertisements.

Courtesy: Indian Express

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