The National Egg Coordination Committee and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India have denied the reports of the sale of plastic eggs across the country, scotching off the rumours with explanations.

These organisations have said that just on the basis of the appearance of the eggs people are concluding that the eggs contained plastic particles. They have also cited different reasons for the change in the appearance of eggs.

Refuting rumours on synthetic eggs, the NECC has said the change in the appearance of eggs is due to the change in the texture of eggs, which is brought about by thermal shock of high temperature.

It is pertinent to note here that the organisation of the poultry farmers had clarified in April 2017 that at the poultry farm the temperatures are above 40 degrees Celsius, while at shops, the temperatures drop to 20 degrees Celsius, which leads to thermal shock and the change in egg texture. Again in April 2017, the FSSAI after testing a few samples of egg in Tamil Nadu had found that the eggs were safe for human consumption.

In an explanation, the food safety officials of the FSSAI had said the lack of calcium in the feed given to chicken may change texture and quality of the outer shell. The shell becomes delicate when there is an acute deficiency of calcium, they had said.

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