“News Today” recorded an interview over phone with our Deputy Director Mr.M.R.Krishnan, on the recent orders of NPPA in reducing the price of indispensable medicines up to 55%.The following were the highlights explained.

This is a move by NPPA, which issues orders periodically in reducing the prices of medicines frequently used.

These orders are covered by DPCO 2013 (Drug Prices Control Order)

The NPPA ensures that the price reduction reaches the consumer through the central and state drug controllers and their inspecting staff.

Many instances of overcharging have been reported and as per a reply given in the parliament, though NPPA has charged more than Rs.4500 Crore as penalty to manufacturers, only less than Rs. 300 Crores have been collected

State and Central Governments should take steps for the distribution of medicines without cost at more places.
Doctors should prescribe only generic medicines, which cost less

Consumers should be aware that generic medicines are cheaper than branded medicines

The Govt’s initiative to open “Jan Aushadi” shops is a welcome measure.

The Millennium Development Goal of “Affordable medicines for all” will be reached soon, since the government is aware of the fact that the debt of the poor is because of the cost of medicines rather than cost of treatment.

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