Passengers who have often found themselves gritting their teeth in frustration over lost or delayed baggage, compounded by the problem of having to chase the airlines for refunds after such mix-ups, will soon find at least a certain alleviation for their stress – a new law will soon come into force which will make the process of refunds much faster and easier.

The law, a part of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2016, mandates that airlines should refund baggage fees flights are delayed or if the luggage is lost. The fee for checking bags into US airlines is considerable, and the carriers earn a fair bit under this head. As per the new law, airlines shall “promptly provide to a passenger an automated refund for any ancillary fees paid by the passenger for checked baggage” if it doesn’t arrive within 12 hours of its intended arrival

time. The timeframe specified for international flights is 15 hours. The new regulations are expected to come into effect within a year, and when that happens, passengers will only need to notify the airline of any lost or delayed baggage.


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