Mr.M.R.Krishnan, Deputy Director participated in the 2 day summit on “National Cyber defence” on 30th September and 1st October at Anna University.

Organized by the National Cyber Security services, the event was inaugurated by Dr. A.S. Kiran Kumar Chairman of Indian space research organisation, Justice Mr. Mohan, Justice Mr. Vallinayagam, Justice Mr. Krishnan, Justice Mr. Basha and lieutenant general Sahni were the other speakers at the inauguration.

The risks because of cybercrime interception into the privacy of individuals, corporates and government were touched by the speakers.

The seminar on the two days, saw presentations on :

1. State of cyber security
2. Enterprises cyber defence
3. BCI- security (Brain compute interphone)
4. Cyber threat landscape
5. SSD forensics
6. Need for an incident response team at E- commerce.
7. Artificial intelligence in cyber security
8. Advanced threats, case studies
9. Cyber security resilience.

The threats by inadvertent mails, Games etc., via internet ethical hacking, unethical hacking, protection by firewalls, ISO 27001, military intelligence, cyber technology were some other topics touched.

The outcome wanted structured curriculum on cyber security in schools, since it was affirmed that the cyber threats enter into the computer/ mobile through children’s games activities

Cybercrime penetration was up to 90% in most of the systems it was stated.

Important tips
1. Do not give your password to anyone
2. Do not use outside computer systems to book your tickets, draw money etc
3. Even cable etc works are susceptible to malware applications
4. Mobile phones can be intercepted to send strategic information
5. Attacks can be by E mails
6. Intelligence gathering takes place at all levels.

On the whole, the 2 day programme was very informative.

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