Mr. M.R.Krishnan, addressed the Senior Citizen members of Dignity Foundation an NGO, at their office at Velachery on 30th June between 4.30 PM to 5.45 PM about 15 persons attended the meeting.

They were first introduced to the salient points of CP Act with reference to consumer redressal, the citizen charter aspect, need for consumer meet. Role of consumer redressal officers in the bank, system of RBI ombudsman were explained. Defects noticed in various banking services were discussed. Functioning of ATM’s was discussed in detail. Case studies on ATM frauds and loan repayments were discussed. They were told about SBI’s action in handing over the collection of unpaid loans to Reliance by outsourcing, which was a condemnable action. Members were cautioned against signing declarations and forms, without studying them in detail. The shortcomings noticed in getting KYC details were also explained.

They were also told about shortfalls in insurance sector, on which they wanted a separate meeting.

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