Our Deputy Director Mr.M.R.Krishnan attended the 13th meeting of CHD17 (leather tanning) of the BIS, at Central Leather Research Institute on 26th May. Totally 15 members were present and Dr.Chandrasekaran of CLRI chaired the meeting.

The meeting was to discuss the agenda to be placed before the ISOTC meeting to be held in June 2016, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dr. Muralidharan spoke at length on the proposed changes and how it will affect our trade.

On behalf of CONCERT, the following observations were made.

1. When there is a dispute in standards, the World Trade Organisation can be asked to intervene.

2. CLRI can jointly take up evolving standards along with tannery associations.

3. As regards packing materials, there is a BIS standard which can be referred.

4. Labelling rules of India are self contained and can be adopted while fixing the order of writing them.

5. Just like ECO mark a “genuine leather” mark was suggested.

6. The role of NAB labs should be insisted upon when there is a dispute

7. The term “organic leather” will be of no meaning when so many chemicals are used in the process.

8. East India tanning with vegetables must to be encouraged.

9. The standards evolved must be made mandatory as few tanneries follow them since they have faith only in buyer-seller agreements.

10. Awareness to consumers on leather processing must be thought of by the CHD 17.

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