New Delhi, February 2016: The sale of Mars and Snickers bars in India has been halted after a piece of red plastic was found in a Snickers bar in Germany.

The world’s biggest chocolate maker, Mars Inc., took the decision to halt distribution of some stocks of the two types of chocolates in a total of 55 countries, including India.

The Snickers bar in which the piece of plastic was found was manufactured in the company’s Netherlands plant between December 5, 2015, and January 18, 2016. The company has described the problem as ‘isolated.’

All chocolates from the US-based company now available in India are imported, and a Mars India spokesperson said progress of consignments made in Netherlands which were either on their way to the country or awaiting clearance at Indian ports has been stalled.

“Some of the impacted batches meant for India are currently in transit or at the ports and we have put a hold on the same, thereby ensuring that the affected stock does not reach our consumers,” the spokesperson said. She asserted that stocks from the affected batch produced in the Netherlands haven’t reached retail outlets in India. However, “it is possible that some of the affected products have been shipped to duty-free retailers or brought into India by independent importers,” she cautioned.

The international recall includes Mars, Snickers, Milky Way and Celebrations products made in the Netherlands. The company said these varieties, with expiry dates between June and October 2016 should not be eaten.

Mars also ships chocolates from Dubai, Egypt and Saudi Arabia into India.


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