The following information should be displayed prominently at the ATM locations:-

i. ATM ID may be displayed clearly in the premises for benefit of consumers while making a complaint / suggestion

ii. Information that complaints should be lodged at the branches where customers maintain accounts to which ATM card is linked

iii. Telephone numbers of help desk / contact persons of the ATM owning bank to lodge complaint / seek assistance

iv. Uniform Template for lodging of complaints relating to ATM transactions.
To improve the customer service through enhancement of efficiency in ATM operations, banks are advised to initiate
following action:

1. Message regarding non-availability of cash in ATMs should be displayed before the transaction is initiated by customer

2. Make available forms for lodging the complaints with name and phone number of the officials with whom they have to be lodged

3. Make available sufficient toll-free phone numbers for lodging complaints / reporting and blocking lost cards and also attend the requests on priority

4. Mobile numbers / e-mail IDs of the customers may be registered to send alerts

5. In case of complaints pertaining to a failed ATM transaction at other bank ATMs, the customer should lodge a complaint with the card issuing bank even if the transaction was carried out at another bank’s ATM.

Courtesy RBI website

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