Following is the list of Food Business Operators (FBO) who have withdrawn/ modified misleading advertisements from/in all sources of media after the intervention of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) :-

S.No Name of Firm Name of the product Misleading claim Action taken
1. M/S Jivo Wellness Pvt. Ltd., Delhi Canola Oil a) Canola can prevent diabetes and Heart Diseases.
b) Fortis Hospital (C-Doc) put their seal that Canola Oil can reduce the risk of Heart Diseases and Diabetes
FBO has withdrawn all misleading advertisements.
2. Chemical Resources, Maharashtra Furocyst

a) Overall 94% of patients reported positively or got benefitted

b) 71% patients reported regular menstrual cycle

c) 36% patients showed complete dissolution of cysts

d) 46% patients showed reduction in cyst size

e) No known side effects

f) US Patented Ingredient

g) Therapeutic claims for food product

FBO has modified misleading advertisement.
3. K.C. Food Products Pvt. Ltd. Jammu and Kashmir Digestive Biscuits

a) India’s Best

b) K.C. digestive can easily boasts to be the best digestive in the market due to its highest content of whole wheat flour than any other digestive biscuits

FBO has withdrawn misleading advertisements.
4. Phytotech Extracts Pvt. Ltd. Proteqt

a) Proteqt-No more morning blues –get up fresh –No after effects party –No Morning Dullness –Enjoy Party Better –Fresh Morning after-Natural

b) 1st time ever 3) Usage –take 1 Proteqt 10-15 minutes before the party. Can be taken in morning if morning dullness is experience.

c) Enriched in flavinoids, polyphenois tannins and vitamin C anti oxoidants etc

FBO has submitted that the manufacturing and marketing of such product has been stopped by the company and that no advertisement is being published at present.

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