The new M3 EVM machines will have additional features- Tamper Detection to make an EVM inoperative the moment anyone tries to open the machine and a Self-diagnostic feature to check the EVM fully, every time it is switched on to detect any change in its hardware or software.

Most importantly, the ECI- EVMs are stand alone machines and are not connected to the internet and also not computer controlled or any other network at any point of time. These EVMs also do not have any wireless connection or any hardware port for connection to any other non-EVM accessory or device so they cannot be tampered through hardware ports or through Wireless, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

India does not use any EVMs produced abroad. EVMs are being produced indigenously by two PSUs, Bharat Electronics Ltd., Bengaluru and Electronics Corporation of India Ltd., Hyderabad. – India only uses microchips from manufacturers in US or Japan as India does not have the capability of producing microchips within the country..

What are the different levels of checks and balances ensuring tamper proofing of ECI-EVMs?

First Level Checking: BEL/ECIL engineers certify originality of components after technical and physical examination of each EVM, undertaken in front of representatives of political parties
Polling Stations: EVMs are randomised twice while being allocated to an Assembly and then to a polling booth.

Strong Rooms: Candidates or their representatives can put their own seals on the strong rooms where polled EVMs are stored after the poll. These strong rooms are guarded 24×7.

Counting Centres: The polled EVMs are brought to the Counting Centres and Unique IDs of the seals and CU are shown to reps of candidates before start of counting.

Courtesy: website of Election commission

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