The “Hindu Tamil” has published an article (30.5.16) on the governments directive for mandatory 40% space for label information in packaged commodities, based on an interview with our Deputy Director Mr.M.R.Krishnan. The points put forward were,

The direction is sequel to representations by consumer activists that the information has not been prominently displayed.

This is to emphasis the right to information and right to choice conferred on the consumers by Consumer Protection Act 1986

In United Kingdom & European Union countries traffic light labelling is practiced. It is not yet done here.

The consumer has a right to know whether bread contains potassium bromate or noodles contains MSG.

The concept of “Low sodium” “Low fat” “Low sugar” “Low salt” should be observed here also

The time extension given expires on 30th June and from 1st July the packaged commodities should have more space for information.

The activists campaign for proper colouring of the principal display panel is yet to bear fruit.

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