A city hotel has been asked to pay a total of around Rs. 3.4 lakhs to a guest who was injured in an accident in the lift.

B Mutheeswaran checked into Hotel Ganesh after paying Rs. 1,000 in advance. He had come to the city with his son for a kidney transplant. As he found it difficult to climb stairs, the Hotel Manager asked him to proceed to his room by the lift. He opened the lift door and stepped inside, only to find that there was no floor.

Hearing his screams, his son and others rushed to the spot and managed to rescue him. He suffered a fractured arm, among other injuries.

Mutheeswaran’s son K Balasubramanian filed a complaint against the hotel and moved the District Consumer Redressal Forum, seeking compensation.

The hotel management argued that Mutheeswaran had been intoxicated when he tried to enter the lift, and submitted that the complaint had been filed only to extort money from the establishment. They also denied the allegation that the lift had been installed without proper papers and was not being maintained. They contended that the lift had been installed before the pertinent rules came into force.

A division bench of the Forum, going by the report of the Electrical Inspector, found that the lift was not maintained properly, and that its collapsible gate needed repairs. It also said that the lift had been operating without proper licence. The bench found it to be a clear case of deficiency in service, and directed the proprietor of the hotel to pay Mutheeswaran around Rs. 2.35 lakhs as rimbursement of medical expenses, along with Rs. 1 lakh as compensation for the mental agony he had had to undergo, in addition to Rs. 5000 as case costs.

Source: http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com

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