Following is the method recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO) to wash your hands.

— Step 1: Rub palms together.

— Step 2: Rub each palm front to back over the back of the other hand, interlacing fingers.

— Step 3: Twist palms with fingers interlaced, and rub between fingers.

— Step 4: Interlock your fingers, (thumbs should be on opposite sides), and twist again, this time, backs of fingers against palms.

— Step 5: Clasp your left thumb in your right hand and move thumb in circular motion — then switch thumbs.

— Step 6: Press your right fingers together and rub them in a circular motion on your left palm, then switch. You’re done!

Jacqui Reilly of the Glasgow Caledonian University, the lead author of a study, which focused on health care workers, stressed that the way the steps were counted emphasized the precision of the superior WHO technique.
Hand hygiene, she added, remained “the single most important intervention that you can do to prevent health care-associated infection but also to protect yourself and your family from infections and viruses.”

Certain antibacterial soaps may do more harm than good, experts say.— New York Times News Service

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