Half day guest lecture was arranged by SDNB Vaishnav College for Women on 4.3.16.

Sri M.R.Krishnan & G.Santhanarajan gave a guest lecture for one hour on the merits of CP Act 1986 through PPT.

The teachers and students were very much impressed by the case studies explained to them and benefits of CP Act.

One hour PPT was presented by Mr.G.Santhanrajan on the title Health Hazards of Cosmetics. Since the topic pertains close to their day to day beauty care product there were several questions by the students.

1. Why it is called toilet soap?

2. How to select tooth paste?

3. Can we use Bengal gram flour for bathing?

4. Whether Mysore sandal really contains Sandal wood oil?

5. Whether toothpaste and bathing soap are cosmetics?

6. Are Johnson and Johnson products really unsafe?

Nutrition and dietetics students were encouraged to make use of the services of CONCERT for their benefit.

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