Moving towards conformity with the international practice of ingredient-based product approval, The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has announced that proprietary foods should contain only standardized ingredients.

It has retained the existing list of food additives it permits in proprietary foods.

Till recently, product approval in India hinged on the final food products, not ingredients and additives.

This step has been met with some reservations in some quarters. Ashish Prasad, partner, Economy Law Practice, says: “The recent definition is a balanced one which got rid of ambiguity. While, it clarifies the ingredients and additives to be used in proprietary foods, it also excludes novel and functional foods, nutraceutical and health supplements from its purview.”

A separate set of guidelines for nutraceutical and novel food items is on the anvil. These categories were earlier separated from the proprietary foods umbrella.


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