Are you unhappy with the quality of packaged food you’ve just bought, or the food you’ve been served at a restaurant? You don’t need to stop with making a fuss on the spot because it’s too time-consuming to take the matter forward. Now you can raise your concerns through a new mobile app launched by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

The app will allow consumers to raise food-safety related concerns about packaged food or items served at a food service establishment. It provides food safety tips and information about food safety laws, thus enabling him to check many parameters on which food safety may be compromised. It also provides the consumer with information about food business operators.

Made for Android smartphones, it can pinpoint a consumer’s geographical location and allow him to raise any food incidents witnessed, complete with images.

For served food, the app provides an option to rate the overall hygiene of the food service establishment.


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