To mark the 10th anniversary of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, The FSSAI has announced a slew of initiatives to promote food safety in everyday life.

The initiatives are aimed at promoting a culture of food safety across the country, and target homes, schools, offices, places of worship and food outlets. They seek to rope in people across age-groups and cultures.

Aiming to create a culture of food safety in the country, regulator FSSAI today announced a host of initiatives to promote safe food at homes, schools, offices, eateries and religious places, besides a national survey for assessing milk quality.

Every household will be provided with a ‘green book’ and a website will be set p to provide guidance on safe and nutritious home food.

Schools will be given a list of foods with high sugar, fat and salt content, so that they can be campaigned against and avoided in school canteens.

Office canteens and cafeterias will have to be registered with or licensed by the FSSAI and provisions made for regular testing of kitchen premises, utensils, equipment and water supply.

Managements of places of worship will be encouraged to put in place Food Safety Management System (FSMS).


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