Though food production is increasing year after year, in India as per a report received from ICMR, 12 to 15% of the people die of malnutrition.

India occupies the 2nd place in the world production of vegetables. During 2015/16 total quantity of vegetables produced was 166.61 million tonnes in India, out of which Tamil Nadu accounted for 77.716 MT , ranking 9th in the country.

As the post harvest technology has not caught up, among farmers and traders, and there is lack of awareness on production of valuable food, , 20 to 30% fruits/ vegetables are being destroyed every year. The producers have to be trained in proper harvesting and post harvest storage mechanisms. While mortality is caused by disease, old age and other reasons it is now seen that malnutrition is also an important cause.

An average adult should take 400 gms of vegetables 100 gms of fruits. But in India, only up to 100-150 gms are available for its citizens. Even though we produce 350 to 400gms per capita, we are unable to feed even that.

Unlike food grains, vegetables and fruits have more moisture and improper storage leads to their getting damaged The harvested fruits and vegetables should be properly preserved, and cleaned before they reach the consumer, and the supply chain should be properly managed.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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