1. Right to fair treatment

This right prohibits banks from discriminating against customers on grounds of gender, age, religion, caste and physical ability while offering products and services. Banks can, however, continue to offer differential rates of interest or products to customers

2. Right to transparency, fair and honest dealing

You can expect language in bank documents to be simplified and transparent. The charter requires banks to ensure that all contracts are transparent and easily understood by the common person. The onus of sending out effective communication will rest with banks. Information on the product’s price, customer’s responsibilities and key risks will have to be clearly disclosed.

3. Right to suitability

Despite several regulations, complaints related to mis-selling continue to plague the distribution space, particularly in case of life insurance policies. Lured by higher commissions, sales officials tend to push products without ascertaining their suitability for the customer.

4. Right to privacy

Banks are duty-bound to keep customers’ personal information confidential, unless the disclosure is required by law or customers have given their consent. “Customers have the right to protection from all kinds of communications, which infringe upon their privacy,” the charter states.

5. Right to grievance redressal and compensation

The right to grievance redressal is at your aid if your bank fails to adhere to basic norms. The charter makes banks accountable for their own products as well as those of third parties like insurance companies and fund houses. They will no longer be able to wash their hands of the responsibility once the product is sold. Banks will have to communicate the policy for compensating for mistakes on their part, lapses in conduct and non-performance or delays. The redressal and compensation policy will have to state the rights of customers when such events occur.

Courtesy: Economic Times

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