Food Business Operators (FBOs) will soon have to put up display boards giving details of steps taken to ensure food safety at their establishments.

The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has formulated parameters for various types of FBOs, including establishments handling meat and dairy products, and the whole range of businesses, from small to large outlets. They cover the whole gamut of topics, from the simple (like hand washing) to the complex. Compliance with these parameters is linked to issuing licenses and registering the organizations. The display boards will also have to carry FSSAI’s WhatsApp number, and a toll-free number where customers can send their feedback.

Pawan Agarwal, CEO, FSSAI, said the ultimate aim was for all FBOs to put up display boards with ten to twelve parameters, which the food-handlers at the establishment must be aware of, and customers can do an audit and give feedback.


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